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Out-of-State FR-44 Filing in Texas - Requirements, Eligibility & Steps to Follow

An FR-44 is a form that must be filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety when someone has been convicted of certain types of DUI offenses. This form is required to reinstate a driver’s license after the completion of their sentence.


Out-of-State FR-44 Filing in Texas - Requirements, Eligibility & Steps to Follow

What is an FR-44 and Who Needs to File One in Texas?

It is also used to prove financial responsibility in the event of an accident or other incident involving a vehicle. The FR-44 must be filed by anyone who has been convicted of an alcohol-related offense, including driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI). It is important to understand what this form entails and how to fill it in order to meet all necessary requirements for reinstating your license.

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Understanding the Requirements for an Out-of-State FR-44 Filing in Texas

Understanding the requirements for an out-of-state FR-44 filing in Texas is important if you are a driver from another state who has recently moved to Texas. An FR-44 filing is required by law if you have been convicted of certain offenses, including DUI or DWI. In order to complete this filing, you must provide proof of financial responsibility in the form of a certificate of insurance issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in Texas. Whether it's due to tickets, accidents or DUIs, you may be tagged from insurers as high-risk driver and you will face significantly higher insurance rates.

The certificate must meet certain minimum requirements and provide coverage for at least three years following the date of your conviction. Additionally, you may be required to pay additional fees and provide additional documentation when submitting your FR-44 paperwork. It is important that you understand all requirements before attempting to file your paperwork, as failure to do so could result in penalties or other legal action being taken against you.

How to Determine Your Eligibility for an Out-of-State FR-44 Filing in Texas

Are you looking to determine your eligibility for an out-of-state FR-44 filing in Texas? Eligibility for out-of-state FR-44 is as simple as you moving out of state and maintaining your FR-44 policy in the state it was required. If you are required to obtain an FR-44 in Florida or Virginia then you must keep a policy there for three years alongside your new policy in your new state.

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Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Texas

The State of Texas requires each driver to carry at least minimum Liability limits of

  • $30,000 of Bodily Injury Liability per Person,
  • $60,000 of Bodily Injury Liability per Accident,
  • $25,000 of Property Damage Liability.

By law, every car owner must insure their motor vehicle in Texas and produce evidence of the same when called upon. You need to purchase and maintain a minimum of liability auto insurance for your car to drive your vehicle. Proof of insurance is vital during car inspection, registration of the car, or when reprimanded by law enforcement officers due to a traffic offense. Drivers should consider higher optional coverages such as collision, comprehensive and Personal Injury Protection. For more information about coverage and requirements please contact our agents.

Steps to Follow When You Need an Out-of-State FR-44 Filing in Texas

If you live in Texas and need to file an FR-44 form, there are certain steps you must take to ensure the process goes smoothly. An FR-44 form is a document of financial responsibility used in Florida and Virginia that proves you've purchased auto insurance. Since FR-44 is not required in Texas, you must do this in the state where it was required of you.

You can use agencies like us at Insurance Direct to help you navigate the FR-44 system. Bringing your FR-44 insurance out of state means that you will have to get a standard policy in your new state alongside your Florida/Virginia FR-44 policy. You will want to be certain that you do not cancel your FR-44 policy or your license will no longer be valid in the state you received your FR-44.

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